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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Japanese garden with Karesansui

Created from zero and in the heat of change of the customer, the cardboard boxes with the Earth, the rocks and the turf were mixed. But little by little it was taking form. This is the first stage, since about the future probably we will go an incorporate improvement in the later zone of itself.

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How to improve a small space?

As project title says, there are many solutions to enhance small spaces. One of the concepts used here are the tidiness and cleanliness, if we look at the photography above, we see that the entire previous garden was removed.

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Minimalist japanese garden

The proverb says, "depends on the glass you look," the landscaper, earlier had a completely different concept from ours. The photographs which accompany this text, you can see the big change has undergone this space.

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Minimalist garden

The possibilities to create a cozy space in this courtyard were really almost nil. Not only by the conditions of just 1.90 x 2.70 meters dimensions, but also 80% of the space is a glass, which gives light to the kitchen, found below.

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Japanese garden with pond

This garden is another good example where in a few square meters can make a space most pleasant and natural. 

At the time design, we encountered some problems we had to solve. Against one of the walls, he was the equipment of air conditioning, which besides not being pleasing to the eye, they must have access for future repairs and maintenance, and also must allow air flow to operate the air conditioner.

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Japanese garden with Niwaki

The space of this garden has a privileged location inside the house. All common areas, including the dining room and living room are directly involved with this garden. The challenge was to create a space that were at least three different views. The simple fact of not having a single front, significantly complicating the proposal.

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