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We have 15 years designing and building gardens and want to apply that experience in your garden . The designs can be viewed on this site are the faithful witness of our knowledge on the subject .


Please note , we do the complete job . We have technicians in irrigation , electricity , carpentry , etc. . This allows us to perform all the steps of your decoration .


Our company aims to integrate nature with their living environment , a fundamental principle of oriental gardening .


When you choose this option we knew that we faced a very complex challenge , poor or almost no information on this issue, lack of decorative elements , the materials used and several items were the first steps more and more difficult to give.


Arm ourselves with patience and perseverance we seek information through literature on the subject , seminars in China , specialized contacts with Japanese gardening, and little by little we achieve our goal which we are proud.


But all this would not have been possible only thanks to our customers who trusted us and let our hands on your garden. So we want through these lines to extend our sincere thanks .



The Japanese Garden
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